Jordan Pipes Manufacturing CO.LTD

The Jordan Pipes Manufacturing Company is a  public shareholders limited company registered in the Companies Control Department under No. (86) since 1/1/1973.
The Jordan Pipes Manufacturing Company works in the field of engineering, electrical and information technology industries sector, and is registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade under No. (5233)

  • Main company products:
      1. Galvanized Seam Welded Steel pipes.
      2. Seam welded black steel pipes.
      3. Seam Welded Agricultural Steel Pipes.
      4. Coated  Pipes.
      5. Tubes & Profiles.
      6. Tubular And Lattice Steel Poles.
  • It also developed its business in the field of plastic industries to produce:
      1. Agricultural Pipes HDPE.
      2. GR Drip Irrigation Pipes.
      3. Plain PE Pipes LDPE
      4. Drippers.
      5. Plastic Gallons and Containers.

New Products

The Jordanian Pipe Manufacturing Company Limited was able to produce drip irrigation pipes for farms and gardens of various sizes and varieties, which are distinguished by their high quality.


Hot Dip Galvanizing consists of dipping clean iron and steel sections into molten Zinc. HOT Dip Galvanizing has many benefits as method of corrosion protection importantly it will


The Jordanian Company for Manufacturing Pipes manufactures welded steel pipes in various sizes and sections according to Jordanian, British, and German specifications. The products are reviewed under an agreement with the Royal Scientific Society. The company has effectively implemented a quality assurance system that meets the specified requirements in ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our employees are our main assets, experienced, skilled, and tolerant. Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction by complying with their needs and requirements in terms of specifications, delivery, price, as well as regulatory and legal requirements. The primary objective of implementing quality goals at JPMC is to improve the quality and quantity of products and reduce rejections.

General Assembly Meeting