About Jordan Pipes Manufacturing CO.LTD

The Jordan Pipes Manufacturing Company is a  public shareholders limited company registered in the Companies Control Department under No. (86) since 1/1/1973.
The Jordan Pipes Manufacturing Company works in the field of engineering, electrical and information technology industries sector, and is registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade under No. (5233)

  • Main company products:
      1. Galvanized Seam Welded Steel pipes.
      2. Seam welded black steel pipes.
      3. Seam Welded Agricultural Steel Pipes.
      4. Coated  Pipes.
      5. Tubes & Profiles.
      6. Tubular And Lattice Steel Poles.
  • It also developed its business in the field of plastic industries to produce:
      1. Agricultural Pipes HDPE.
      2. GR Drip Irrigation Pipes.
      3. Plain PE Pipes LDPE
      4. Drippers.
      5. Plastic Gallons and Containers.

Our Mission

  • Developing scientific, innovative, distinctive and high-quality products by meeting the needs of our valued customers.
  • We take it upon ourselves to build long-term relationships through the products we offer based on credibility, commitment, quality and excellence in our field.
  • Our goal is not only profit or trade, but rather the main goal is to manufacture a product suitable for our customers with the highest quality and best services.

Our Message

  • Expand our market through neighbor countries.
  • Reconsidering our competitive priorities to expand more towards global market.
  • Use high Tech  equipment and high qualified employees.
  • Produce products alternatives required in the market, that no other manufacturer can provide.

Our Vision

  • Achieve highest standards of quality and to make our products as a major competitor in both internal and external markets