Seam Welded Agricultural Steel Pipes

  • Agricultural Steel Pipes are Non Standard and can be produced with required thickness and desired length from 3 – 7 Meter long
  • The Agricultural Steel Pipes are coated with Zinc spray to prevent the welding line corrosion
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Agricultural steel pipes and tubes are steel tubes with a corrosion-resistant
surface treatment, and are generally used as agricultural materials as field posts
and aggregates for agricultural facilities.

Steel pipes for agricultural use are defined by industrial standards, and steel pipes used for pipe houses (green houses) are undergo specific industrial standards  defined by  each geographic region. We recommend to check your domestic industrial standard  for reference on specifications and requirement.

Steel Fencing & Gates!

The Benefits of Steel Pipes for Fences


Steel is a great option for this sort of undertaking for a variety of reasons, including      its versatility, flexibility, durability, and widespread availability.

Property owners looking for standards on fence design and scope would appreciate     the various possibilities that steel offers.

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