Tubular Steel Poles

Tubular Steel Poles are suitable for transmitting low voltage electrical power transmition.

Swaged Type


Constructed of cold swaged joint of steel tubes jointed together by cold shrinking one end of larger tube and swaged to the end of the smaller tube with an overlapping to form a firm grip that can sustain the required static loads on the pole.

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Technical Specification for Tubular Steel Poles:

Steel Grade of tubes forming the Tubular Steel Poles :

  1. ST-37 ( Tensile Strength 370 Mpa)
  2. ST-44 (Tensile strength 420 Mpa)
  3. ST-52 (Tensile Strength 520 Mpa)

Standard :


The Tubular Steel Poles shall be manufactured from Seam Welded Galvanized Steel Tubes.

  1. Manufacturing standard for tubes BS EN 10255/2004 or any Equivalent approved standard
  2. Galvanizing Standard , Hot Dip Galvanizing process according to EN 1461/2009

Overall Length:

Tubular steel poles can be product with length from (6 – 11) Meter with thickness and outside diameter vary as requested.


Lightening Steel Poles:

Tubular Steel Poles can be used as lightening steel poles according to special specifications.
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